HCS Support Desk

Contact info

  • Via e-Mail: support@hcsinc.net

  • Via Phone: (334) 279-9711 select Option 1 8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. EST, Monday – Friday, excluding holidays. All other hours leave a voice message (Read After-hours assistance for more info)


Be Ready!  Before Contacting HCS Support

Be able to provide the following items

  • Facility Name

  • Your First and Last Name

  • Contact Information (phone #, email, etc.) and Secondary Contact if work shifts

  • Issue Information

  • What were you doing when it happened?

  • Hospital or Admit Number of the patient you were on when it happened

  • What tab/window were you on?

  • Date/Time of the issue

  • Scope of the Issue – Examples: Is it happening to everyone or just with your login? Is it happening to all Patient profiles, or just one?


After-hours assistance

After-hours assistance, including weekends and holidays, is managed by a rotating team of experienced analysts. All after hours calls are sent to a voice mailbox. An analyst will return your call within 30 minutes. 

Please leave the following information in your voice message:

  • Name of Facility

  • First and Last Name

  • Area of hospital and Phone Number + Extension where you can be contacted

  • A brief description of the Issue


How To Leave a HCS Support Issue

When you are experiencing an issue and you do not receive an unhandled exception ALLWAYS leave a HCS Support Issue on the specific page that you are having the issue. This will allow HCS to see what you are experiencing. BE A DETAILED AS POSSIBLE.


  • On the top tab navigator select Help – HCS Support Issue.

  • This will open the below box.

How to Fill It:

In CC: always place Web@southernwindshospital.com

In Subject:  Give a quick summary  EX: “Nurse can’t sign discharge notes.”

In User Phone: put the hospital number and extension – Note: Put your name in the issue description so they know who to call.

Email Address: Put your SWH email or place Web@southernwindshospital.com

In the “Issue Description: Do NOT Include PHI (Protected Health Information)”

Please describe the issue a detailed as possible please make sure to include what you what you were doing when the issue occurred. Include the user name of the staff member having the issue. BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE.

In the “Any PHI goes here.”

If you were you working with a patient the system will add the PHI (Protected Health Information) All PHI INFORMATION MUST GO IN THE SECOND BOX. If you need to add anything with PHI add it there.


Getting an Unhandled Exception error message? ALWAYS SEND IT

  • Always be able to provide the steps that you where taking when you received the error

  • Always click on the ‘YES’ to the Send to an email to the HCS Support.

  • If you do not have a email put Web@southernwindshospital.com

  • This email will include a stack trace for the error, a screenshot of when the error occurred and a trace log of all the User Interface actions the user took.

HCS will log and track all problem calls and will respond according to the severity levels as set forth below:


Severity Level




Severity 1 (Critical)

Immediate and on-going (24 hour) commitment of resources with hourly updates.

Loss of service or serious impairment to service that cannot be circumvented. Business operations cannot reasonably continue.

Server not responding.

Severity 2 (High Priority)

Focused resolution of the issue with updates every 4 hours, or by mutual agreement.

An impairment that is circumventable. Impact on production is measurable; work around exists but not viable for long-term.

Partial system functionality.

Severity 3 (Standard)

Reasonable focus with weekly updates, or by request from the Customer.

A non-service affecting issue.

An informational ticket or new service request